A talk with Malaysian first baby leather soft soles shoemaker, BEBEBUNDO

Small talk with Bebebundo

We can be inspired and motivated by other peoples success story. What is more, there is a lot we can learn from other people's stories. That's why autography books are best sellers and fairy tales are told from one generation to another. 

I am fortunate to be able to interview a Malaysian homegrown brand, which pioneered soft soled leather shoes for babies and toddlers. Ms. Nadia Bakly, the owner and designer for Bebebundo, shared with us their inspiring brand story.

The interview

1. Tell us about your brand or your product. What do you make?

​The brand name is Bebebundo. We craft baby footwear using genuine leather and about to launch a hard-sole shoes for toddlers. Our footwear is proudly made in Malaysia.

2. What inspire you to start your own brand?

It all started when my daughter was born. I came across Kourtney Kardashian’s daugther wearing a very cute baby shoe and being a mom, I wanted the same for my daughter. Finding it difficult and hefty price tag to buy the shoe from the United States, I challenged myself to sew a pair of cute baby moccasin for my daughter. Starting from there, family and friends started to place orders and Bebebundo was born.


3. How did your business grow since the launching of your brand ?

 ​Bebebundo was the first and only handcrafted baby moccasin provider in Malaysia during our launching days. Using the power of social media (facebook during that time) and word of mouth, Orders kept coming in and we grew to become one of the main baby shoes provider in Malaysia.

BebeBundo means:

Bebe : Baby and

Bundo: Bonda (mother) in Minang Dialect.

We are proud of our heritage and background (Ladies of Negeri Sembilan) so named the brand that resemble us.


4. Speaking of online presence, which social media platform you use the most, and you feel most effective to communicate to your customers or followers?

​As for Bebebundo, our website and Instagram play a bigger role in making sales. Monthly Newsletter and frequent updates on Instagram help us convert our followers to customer.

(Note: You can follow their Instagram account at @bebebundo)


5. What is the most important message you want to convey about your brand to the public?

​We want to educate the public on the importance of soft soled shoes for the baby’s development. Also, being a local crafted baby footwear maker, we want them to support local brand where we craft beautiful footwear with cute design and color.


6. What is the most challenging part of growing your brand now?

​To capture our loyal customers buying shoes for their toddlers and capturing new customers.


7. What do you feel was the most challenging part when you first started?

 When I first started Bebebundo, no one really knew and quite sceptical of the soft soled shoe importance.Plus having no basic knowledge on business, everything was just hard during those days.


8. How did you overcome that challenge?

I took part in Bazaar and online campaign just to educate them. Business discussion with craft friends also help me on the business as well.

9. If you can give one advice to your younger self (when you started your brand), and others who are thinking of starting their own brand, what would it be?

​Never be afraid of making mistakes. And just do it.


10. Lastly, tell the readers how they can find you online and offline?

​Our website is www.bebebundo.com


Our showroom located at Lot 10, persiaran damai, Section 11 Shah Alam, 40100 Selangor. (Don't miss this colorful signature gate!)

Business Hours: 9am-4pm weekdays and Based on appointment for weekends.


What I say about this brand :

Personally, I love their soft soled shoes. They are soft and easy to put on and never slip off on their own. They are very creative in designing their shoes too. They started with the basic moccasins and grew their designs in rapid speed. They were such an eye candy, and I bet you won't find them anywhere else, and plus comfortable for the kids!






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