Q: What do you sell?

A : We sell organic fabric such as quilt weight cotton, interlock knit, knit jersey and flannel. We are continuously exploring other substrates we could offer to you from time to time as well.

We are expanding our offers to apparels and accesories made from organic cotton soon.


Q : Can I buy from your website if I don't have a credit card?

A : If you are Malaysian, or you have an active Malaysia online banking account, yes you can. We offer bank deposit payment option during the checkout. You will receive an e-mail for our banking account if you choose this option, and you can make payment via your online banking,and send us the payment receipt to our email for us to process your order.


Q: Do you receive payment by credit card?

A : We accept payment from VISA and MASTERCARD, using our paypal gateway and you DO NOT need a paypal account to make the payment.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A : Yes, we do. We ship by registered mail for international order to minimize your cost, and we have delivery options available for EMS. For other courier service please e-mail your order to nunoorganics@gmail.com

Kindly understand that all duty and taxes imposed by customs at receiver's country shall be borne by receiver/customer. We are not to be held responsible to pay any duty or tax imposed by customs at the receiver's country.


Q: Do you receive order by What's App or Telegram?

A : We really would like to avoid orders from what's app or Telegram, cause we are concern on the data being wiped out if anything happens to our mobile phones and we can't track your order. Therefore, we would like to seek your cooperation to place your order through website only. However if you have any inquiry, feel free to text us via what's app or send an e-mail to nunoorganics@gmail.com and we will get back to you the soonest.


Q: Do you offer wholesale?

A: Not at this moment. If we do in the future, we will announce it to all our e-mail subscribers first, so please make sure you subscribe to our shop email newsletter.


Q: Do I need to prewash the fabrics I purchased?

A: Yes I recommend to wash the fabrics prior to usage, as organic cotton will shrink due to the non existence of anti shrinking agent which is prohibited in GOTS. Please expect 5-10% shrinkage after the first wash and consider this factor before deciding the amount of fabric you would like to purchase.


Q: How to take care of items made of organic cotton?

A: Please wash using gentle cycle, cool water and warm iron when needed. Do not bleach and dry under a shade where possible and turn it inside out.